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          Global Comics Network is a subsidiary of G Com Net Technologies. Although it now has an independent business trajectory of its own, Global Comics Network was originally created  to be  a promotional arm and platform for the G Com Net Energy and Technologies brand. It currently owns two content based intellectual properties, (The G Men and Garth Garfunkel)  and is presenting a third called The Fluffs Family. The Fluff Family is now is a published literary work and was created, written and developed by educator Rafika Soaries. The G Men are G Com Net Technologies' group of superheros that mirror D.C. Comic's "Justice League" and Marvel's " Avengers".  With a protagonist based upon  G Com Net brand's pterodactyl mascot icon named Pterror, who also is a superhero, the G Men are in the process of being published in comic, animation, film and literary form. The G Men franchise was a favorite in New York's 2012 Comic Con and it has since established its own commercial and underground following. G Com Net's children's property named Garth Garfunkel now has a first completed novel that will soon be published in book form and  will also be adapted to film. These properties are also used as interchangeable  characters that individually or collectively promote  G Com Net Energy and Technologies products in exclusivity.      

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