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|The Renewable Energy Age


|The Renewable Energy Sources


|From Fossil Fuels To An Electric

  Powered World


|Benefits And Advantages Of

  Solar Energy 


| The Photovoltaic System

| A Cleaner And Safer Planet

           G Com Net Energy & C.A.R.E.


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                                                                              WHAT IS G COM NET ENERGY CARE
                                                                                                  PHILOSOPHY AND OUTLOOK   
          C.A.R.E. is G Com Net Energy`s  Clean Alternative Renewable Energy  initiative. It is an inititative that is a reflection  of the world`s future. It is the future of a radical change that is taking place throughout the world in energy and that is transforming the way that we do things.  It is the way that we think the way that we treat each other. The way that we treat the planet earth, and it is the way that we coexist.  It is a revolution . It is a revolution of the mind, body and character and above all, it is a revolution of the soul. Today`s movement in energy has many historical precedents and commonalities with events and revolutions of the past. All change begins with a  movement and a struggle that is always seen in the end, as a definitive step towards making both the human spirit and society itself, better. A particular society`s  recognition through action that is encouraged  by the hope that the " Tomorrow" will always be better than the "Today". It is within this essence  that  the G Com Net Energy C.A.R.E. experience is embodied. 
                                                                                                                         ENTERPRISE  AND  COMMERCE 
           G Com Net Energy C.A.R.E.  provides smart residential and business solutions to consumers  who know that their dependency on traditional energy sources like fossil fuel must eventually come to an end.  G Com Net Energy these and all types of customers, a variety of options that can replace these old systems from which to choose. The renewable energy technologies allow them to save money through cutting their energy costs.  It also adds value through allowing them to have greater control over their daily energy needs as well as their lives. Solar energy has been around for years but it has now become a more viable and preferential  option due to the plummeting  costs of technology and the many attractive government incentives and rebates that are being offered throughout the world. G Com Net offers several renewable energy plans,   platforms and choices to its customers in order to allow them to enjoy the many benefits of using clean energy. One of the more common forms of renewable energy systems that are being installed and used today are the Photovoltaic systems that use solar panels. The choices are many and a G Com Net C.A.R.E. engineer,  technician or profesional is ready to show you the way!
                                                                                                               BECOMING  THE GLOBAL LEADER   
            G Com Net C.A.R.E. is a blueprint that  maps out G Com Net Energy & Technologies` rise to the top of the most  talked about industry in the world. The importance of the transformation that is occuring on the planet is debatably receiving more attention than any other commercially viable  global  concern. The seriousness of this industrial challenge requires G Com Net to move ahead of the competition.  Anchoring its C.A.R.E. program with solar solutions and services for its customers the company is moving  forward in renewables through electric vehicle  charging stations its own brand of renewable energy tools and products and assessories  ...                                       
                                                                                        THE RENEWABLE ENERGY AGE
                                                                                                          THE RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES
          Renewable Energy is energy that is collected from renewable sources which are naturally replentished on a human timescale such as sunlight  wind rain  tides waves and geothermal heat. Renewable energy often provides energy in four important areas: electricity generation  air and water heating / cooling  transprotation  and rural ( off - grid) energy services . Generally renewable energy can be codified in  5 groups:  Solar    Wind    Water   Bio mass   and Geothermal.                                                             
                                                                      FROM FOSSIL  FUELS TO AN ELECTRIC POWERED WORLD

                                                                                BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES  OF  SOLAR ENERGY
           Solar energy is renewable. We never have to worry about running out of sunlight or using it all up. The sun is a consistent power source meaning it`s always going to be there every day. Solar energy is also environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases  carcinogens   and carbon dioxide   solar cells don`t release anything into the air. Solar panels are extremely reliable. There are no moving parts so nothing has to be replaced. In fact most people generate electricity for 1000s of hours with Little or no maintanence. Solar cells make no noise while collecting energy . There are no other renewable energy sources that are completely silent. In the long run solar energy is cheaper tan buying it from the power company. There is a start up cost but then it starts paying for itself. Once you break even  everything after that is profit. Compare this to paying a monthly bill and getting no return on investment. There is a huge variety of solar systems available. Some can cost tens of thousands of dolllars and some can cost much less. There is an entry point for just about everybody. 
                                                                                                   THE PHOTO VOLTAIC 
           A photovoltaic system also PV system or solar power system is a power system designed to supply  usable  solar power by means of photovoltaics. It consists of an arrangement of several components  including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into  electricity  a solar invertir  to change the electric current from DC to AC  as well as mounting  cabling and other electrical accessories  to set up a working system.  It may also use a solar tracking system  to improve the system`s  overall performance and include  an integrated battery solution as prices for  for sstorage devices  are expected to decline. Strictly speaking  a solar array only  encompasses the ensemble of solar  panels  the visible part  of the PV system  and does not include all the other software  often summarized  as balance of system (BOS) . Moreover  PV syastems convert light directly  into electricity  aand shouldn`t be confused with other technologies such as concentrated solar power or solar  thermal  used for heating  and cooling . PV systems range from  small rooftop- mounted to building - integrated systems with capacities from a few to several tens kilowatts  to large utility- scale power stations  of hundreds of megawatts. Nowadays most PV systems are grid connected while off grid or stand- alone systems only account for a small protion of the market . Operating silently and without any moving parts  or environmental emissions  PV systems have developed from beiung niche market applications into a mature technology used for mainstream electricity generation.  A rooftop  sysgtem recoups  the invested energy for its manufactuing and installation within 0.7 to 2 years and produces about 95 percent of net clean renewable energy  over 30-year  service lifetime.  
                                                                                            A CLEANER AND SAFER PLANET,,



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   The  National Energy Grid Must Accomodate More Energy Than Ever.... 

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  As The Sun Sets On The 

      Fossil Fuel Industry......

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RE image 18.jpg

            And Consumer Savings Are At

                  An All Time High.....

   With Renewable Energy

Consumer Costs Have Been

      At An All Time Low.....  

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Renewable Energy Consumption

  Has Overtaken And  Surpassed 

        That Of Fossil Fuel.....

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Renewable Energy Is The World`s               Future. G Com Net C.A.R.E. 

       Is The  World`s  Present 

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