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                         WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF

                   G COM NET ENERGY & TECHNOLOGIES 

                  G Com Net Energy & Technologies  Partnership With

                                   General Electric/ Sanyo Energy


        G Com Net Energy and Technologies comes form the best. Thats`s why it is the best. After acheiving tremendous success in the telecommunications industry the company entered the global energy sector with great vigor as an international distribution  dynamo.  G Com Net Energy and Technologies comes from quality and excellence being the sole distributor of General Electric / Sanyo Energy Products  (Sanyo Batteries) in 5 countries exclusively for 7 years. Sanyo Energy the largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in the world and one of the largest global electronics brands and General Electric the most successful industrial electronics company of all time teamed up together to form an energy "megabrand" called GE /Sanyo Batteries. Knowing from where it comes G Com Net Energy and Technologies now as a competitor with its own line of products understands that there can be no second place.


              Introducing G Com Net Energy  & Technologies Brand

                       Of Products And Services To The World

          G Com Net Energy and Technologies’ core business currently consists of its battery cell energy products. Data storage products (Memory USB, Cards, DVD’s, CD’s) and computer accessories are about to go into production and begin the beta testing phase.  The Company’s existing and developing lines of battery products are comprised of alkaline, zinc carbon, lithium, specialized industrial, rechargeable, and chargers.  Automotive and industrial battery storage applications and systems are in development and projected to be on line before 2021. The company´s commitment to renewable energy and clean alternative sources has brought into  sharp focus  G Com Net Energy´s  division of C.A.R.E. which quite simply stands for Clean   Alternative  , Renewable  , Energy. This renewable energy arm of G Com Net offers the world access to renewable energy sources and embodies the bold future of a healthy , safe and clean environment for all of those who inhabit the earth.


       For future growth, G Com Net Energy and Technologies has begun the process of engaging companies, organizations and individuals who represent the best of the industrial, technological and financial sectors. Developing strategic partnerships and alignments with automotive companies like Chrysler, aeronautics and space agencies like NASA, and banking and philanthropy entities like the  Rockefeller Foundation  who are able to work with it on the  research and development of systems that reflect today's revolutionary energy landscape are just one of the things that set G Com Net Energy and Technologies apart from the competition. 


       The shift from, fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) to renewable and alternative energy sources has revolutionized the global landscape.  Because battery cells are at the base of alternative and renewable energy consumption systems, battery technology and alternative/renewable power sources are veritably inseparable.  The solar, wind, water and electric sources of energy used for electric cars, and solar panels for home depend on battery cells for storage.  Wind and solar sources in particular are not constant so they definitely must be stored somewhere. This energy is stored in batteries which convert electricity into chemical potential energy for storage and back into electrical energy as it is needed.  As the world leaves gas, coal and oil behind and converts to alternative and renewable forms of energy, G Com Net Energy and Technologies’ has made it its mission to be strategically positioned to provide  each and every one of those new consumers with the battery technology that is necessary to use the these alternative and renewable sources of power.

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